About the Author

David Chappelle is a technology writer.

For over three years he wrote for what at the time was Canada's largest computer magazine, The Computer Paper, sister publications Toronto Computes! and Quebec Micro! and website www.CanadaComputes.com, where readers relied on him to thoroughly test and report on the latest computer-related products.

He has also written for other websites and national magazines, including MoneySense, Canada Computer Wholesaler, Computing Canada, Computer Dealer News, Direction Informatique, Canada HiFi, CRN Canada, eChannelLine, and ConnectIT.

As a support specialist for computer resellers he not only assembled and maintained systems and networks, but also demonstrated to users various programs, and how to protect themselves and their data.

A computer user since 1986, David Chappelle graduated on the Dean's List from DeVry Toronto, where he was chosen valedictorian by classmates, faculty, and administration. He has worked as a bench technician, field technician, alarm system technician, technical support specialist, and quality control specialist. He constantly updates his security knowledge, and has studied surveillance, security design, cryptography, and computer forensic investigation.