Typical media may have you thinking that as soon as you log on to the Internet a horde of virus writers, pornographers, bomb makers, mass marketers, and identity thieves will pounce on you.

Of course the reality is very different from what the media portrays. While potential dangers exist, most are mere annoyances. You’re more likely to encounter grief elsewhere.

A few simple preventative measures will make your online experiences more enjoyable, and safer.

This easy-to-read book explains computer security in simple terms.

A few things you’ll learn:

Various ways to secure your computer.

Simple ways to prevent unauthorized access of your files.

How to prevent unauthorized gathering of your surfing records.

FREE methods of keeping hackers out of your system.

About protecting your children when they surf the Internet.

Of programs that track everything done on a computer, without the owner knowing!

How corporations follow you online, and How to STOP them from following you!

The way you address your email may be helping someone else’s illegal activity.

How to keep your email address private.

Ways to prevent others from changing your settings.

Common security terms explained in plain language.

Even if you’re a propeller-headed geek who already knows everything about computer security, let this book explain your concerns in language your loved ones understand!